Want an ‘adventurous’ idea for Valentine’s Day?

Trees AdventureI don’t know about you, but I don’t think Valentine’s Day should be about buying ‘romantic’ (ie over-priced) bunches of roses and dinner for two.  Surely it’s about making an effort, and going out of your way to think of something your beloved would really appreciate and perhaps come up with something a little out of the ordinary?  If you agree, read on…

Trees AdventureHere’s what you do…both you and your partner take the day off on Tuesday 14 February, dress in suitable outdoor gear and drive to Belgrave.   So far, so good?

On arrival in Belgrave look for signs to Trees Adventure!  Park the car, and walk down through the beautiful historic grounds of Glen Harrow Gardens to be briefed and fitted with your safety harness.  You’re about to spend two hours challenging yourself on Trees AdventureVictoria’s first tree-top obstacle course!  Guaranteed to spice up any Valentine’s Day, two hours of swinging through the trees will certainly make it a Valentine’s Day to remember.  And here’s the best part; the guys at Trees Adventure are offering a fantastic deal – just pay for you and your partner goes free.

Valentines DayAnd they’ve made it so easy for you.  Jump onto their website, to read up all about the courses, then click this link to book and add this code when you get to the end of the booking process: stval1

Here’s your waiver form – I’d download it and fill it out now, saves time when you get there.   Have fun and Happy Valentine’s Day.  Message us on facebook if you are one of the Valentine’s Couples at Trees Adventure, and send us some pics.



Helen Collier is a local writer in the Yarra Valley with her own business JustWords

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